Alex Noordstrand
CEO of FleetCleaner
Alex is the CEO and founder of FleetCleaner. He makes the big decisions regarding investments, acquisitions of new vessels and equipment as well as making sure that everything runs smoothly.
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Cornelis de Vet
COO at FleetCleaner
Cornelis is the COO and founder of FleetCleaner. Cornelis is responsible for overseeing administrative and operational functions of Fleet Cleaner as well as jointly taking decisions with Alex.
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Company culture

At Fleet Cleaner we understand the importance of strong teamwork and collaboration. Our success wouldn’t be possible without great communication between different departments and colleagues taking place every day. The absence of an old-school company hierarchy makes it easy for everyone to bring forward ideas and opinions, no matter their position. Let us introduce some of our amazing employees!

”Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success!”

Wouter Feitsma
Software Engineering Manager
Wouter is in charge of all the electrical components and their control systems at Fleet Cleaner. In his free time, he loves biking, hiking and basically every extreme sport outdoors.
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Matthijs Bekendam
Software Engineer
Matthijs turns computer vision projects into reality. He is leading the software development at Fleet Cleaner. In his free time, he likes making music, creating with Arduino and playing Tennis.
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Lodewijk Middelburg
Commercial Manager
Lodewijk works on achieving the highest occupation of the Fleet Cleaner Robot. Besides working, he is passionate about kitesurfing, going out for drinks and playing cardgames.
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Pascal Cremers
Fleet Manager
Pascal is responsible for the Hull Cleaning Support vessel(s) and her crew. He also makes sure all non-commercial conditions are in order. In his free time he loves to go sailing.
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Maurits De Koning
Engineering Manager
Maurits is responsible for the mechanical design of the hull cleaning and inspection ROVs. In his free time Maurits loves to hike and practice any kind of outdoors sport.
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