Fleet Cleaner expands hull cleaning services to all Dutch ports

Recently the company Fleet Cleaner has made its innovative ship hull cleaning service available to all ports in the Netherlands. The extended availability was directly utilized with the hull cleaning of the Chiquita België vessel in the port of Flushing. With this, Fleet Cleaner is the first company to clean ship’s hulls in all Dutch ports.
The Chiquita België was cleaned during loading and unloading at the terminal, so that the shipping company experiences no downtime at all from the hull cleaning activities. This saves significant time compared to alternative cleaning methods with divers, where the ship has to be anchored outside ports, thus resulting in extra costs.
Next to the extended availability of the service, Fleet Cleaner also cooperates with various subcontractors to offer other hull maintenance services as well. The hull cleaning services can now be combined with propeller polishing, which reduces fuel consumption even more for the shipping company, as well as class certified under water inspection by divers in order to extend dry docking.
In the Port of Rotterdam Fleet Cleaner has also cleaned the Giant 7, a 600 ton crane vessel. The layer of barnacles was easily removed from the ship’s hull. This proves again that the Fleet Cleaner installation is able to clean any ship, in any Dutch port, during any cargo handling operation.