“Sailing without fouling”

At Fleet Cleaner, we believe in a world where ships sail without fouling. Fouling on ship’s hulls increases fuel consumption, harmful emissions and results in the transport of alien invasive species: its global impact on the economy and environment is huge. Fleet Cleaner will reduce its impact to zero, offering worldwide hull cleaning services to ships just before sailing. When high quality cleaning without downtime for the ship operator becomes as normal as taking bunkers, ships will sail without fouling.

“Our mission is to keep your fleet clean without operational impact using safe and  sustainable robot technology”

Core values


Efficiency is one of the core drivers of the maritime industry. Fleet Cleaner’s goal is to make the industry even more efficient. This does not only transpire in the unique services we offer, but also translates in a high need of efficiency within the company. We will always be innovating with a high focus on standardisation, automation, or in other words: efficiency – without losing sight of our core values.


Fleet Cleaner aims to set a new standard in hull cleaning. By continuously developing our services and our technology – in the field of minimizing coating impact, navigation on the hull, and so on – we create added value for our customers. This way we strive to offer the highest possible constant cleaning quality.


The impact of fouling on the environment is huge, as is the potential impact of improper hull cleaning. We are concerned about the environment and will not stop at making ships sail more efficient and preserve the earth’s natural resources. As we want to be leaders when it comes to the environment, we aim to conduct our hull cleaning operations without impacting the environment, preserving it both for today and for generations in the future.


Our robotic solutions do not only provide constant quality, but also safe operations. As the cleaning operation is performed under water in port environments with many other operations going on, safety is our primary objective. Our attention goes to true safety excellence.

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