Fleet Cleaner operates in all weather conditions

Last week a very heavy storm passed the Port of Rotterdam. Most container terminals were forced to stop their activities due to the strong winds. However, Fleet Cleaner had two operations scheduled this week and delivered them as promised.
A lot of shipping companies have bad experiences with conventional hull cleanings due to the fact that bad weather or strong currents delay or cancel the entire operation. This is one of the reasons why Fleet Cleaner uses magnetic attachment. This extremely strong attachment keeps the operation ongoing in storms, strong currents and even above the waterline.
Furthermore, this storm increased the turbulence in the water which caused almost zero underwater visibility. However, due to the in-house developed navigation and tracking system, Fleet Cleaner was still able to complete the full cleaning.
Fleet Cleaner aims to deliver the most complete hull cleaning without any downtime for ship-owners and is currently available in all Dutch ports.