The Cleaning Installation


The Fleet Cleaner

The robot is able to capture all removed fouling, so that the water environment is not affected by the cleaning operation. This enables in port cleaning.

The robot is designed to clean strongly curved ship surfaces. Depending on the vessel, around 60% of the ship’s hull surface is curved.

Due to the magnetic attachment system the robot cleans above and below the waterline. Up to 20% of the fouled ship surface is above the waterline.

Fleet Cleaner hull cleaning robot

• Cleaning by high pressure water jets

• Dimensions (L x B x H): 2,0m x 1,8m x 0,6m

• Speed: 1.200 m2/hour

• No divers

fouling on ship hullfiltered wastewater
Filter system

• The cleaning has positive impact on the environment

• The waste water is filtered, clean water is released

• All waste is collected, weighed and disposed

• Certified to clean in ports with strict environmental regulations

control room


• Tracking

• Autopilot

• Navigation system

• Able to clean in zero visibility

• Cleaning pressure adapted to coating

hull cleaning robot navigation system

hull cleaning installationhull cleaning installation


• Cleaning at terminals, buoys or dolphins

• Certified for petroleum ports

• Safe working distance

• 24/7 operational